Touring with SNOOP...(1st).    In rehearsals with PRINCE for Arsenio Hall Show (2nd)



Malcolm Parks is an international and domestic world class professional touring FOH and Monitor engineer. Experiences dates back to the early 80's working with Roger Troutman/ZAPP on the Commodores tour (wow) and then up to recently Jan/Feb 2014 excessive w/int'l touring as Monitor engineer for SNOOP DOGG and FOH/MON for PRINCE with a recent performance at the Arsenio Hall Show airing on 3/5/2014. Please review all of this Resume' to see a host of MP's artists' list, credentials, talents and diverse skills and services that Malcolm Parks possesses. Whether you are looking to do a Full blown major tour or just a single "One-Off" for an audio engineer, production equipment, technical specs or consultation. Malcolm Parks has a vault of knowledge, information, experience and professionalism that can assist and deliver an unmatched welcoming performance for optimum success.

Relieve yourself of the stress and worry of uncertainty and the hopes of a 'potentially" good outcome when there's such important event or gig on personnel decisions and with so much on the table to compromise. Contact Malcolm Parks only if your gig is as important to you as it would be to him (ME).